War for the Planet of the Apes


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dermot Freemont 9 / 10

Does not live up to expectations or even its title

I can't even describe this movie. I can't even give you an idea about what it is about. But there are two things that I can tell you. First, it's epic. Simply epic. Every moment, every scene, every second of it. And the second thing is that this "Planet of Apes" reboot trilogy is one of cinema's best and most iconic trilogies of all time. Well, there have been talks about a fourth film but I believe this is the perfect conclusion to Caesar's story.Speaking of Caesar, this movie basically reminds you how awesome this character is. And how... real he is. Andy Serkis gives his all to this character in what may be a career-defining performance. I mean, give this man an Oscar already.It's filled with emotion and twists and epicness and it's just simply beautiful and flawless and everything I wanted it to be. I'm proud for these Apes. I really am. This movie deserves to be seen as does the whole trilogy. Don't wait any longer. "War" is an absolute masterpiece and one of the year's best movies so far and I would love to see it being an awards contender too.

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 9 / 10

Could be the perfect live action trilogy......

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by shivamt25 9 / 10

Spectacular finale to a fantastic series!

This movie began with so much promise, however sadly by the end I felt like asking for a refund. The visuals and cinematography were incredible, no doubting that. What angered me is the story-line and in particular the false title, "War for the Planet of the Apes". This movie does nothing to deserve the title and feels like the writers could not think of a story-line that had the apes winning while also remaining the heroes (i.e. without killing all humans).The so-called war involves a brief skirmish in the woods between apes and humans, followed by two hours of build up to a 10 minute battle between humans and humans. Whenever the movie gave us a hint of the battle, with admittedly epic scenes which reminded me of a modern take on the opening of Gladiator, the director cut away to Caesar skulking around, Woody Harrelson doing his best zombie impression, or the apes hiding behind rocks. And this "battle" is ended by a single grenade destroying one human army, and a ridiculous avalanche destroying the other. Yes I accept that the avalanche may represent Mother Nature destroying the humans, but why in gods name was the story-line not about apes fighting a war against humans?This is my main issue with the movie, and I won't even go into the farcically drawn out season of Prison Break lumped into the movie for no apparent reason. We wanted apes fighting humans. We got humans fighting humans, apes in prison, and apes getting a lucky break.

Reviewed by ryzah 9 / 10

Rise, Dawn and now a triumph with 'War'!

I am a biased lover of 'Planet of the Apes'... Take these words with that it mind!This is without doubt, the best 'trilogy' of the 21st Century!From the opening scene, leading from a recap of past films in an imaginative and flowing manner, you are led back into this beloved new world along side friend or foe?! The ensuing drama that you are then taken along with, is breathtaking, shocking, brutal and Brave! Andy Serkis and the other Actors who have mastered this unbelievable technology are magnificent, the Visuals are stunning, the shocks are unbearable, gripping and wonderfully woven into the faultless story, that grabs you, holds you and then breaks you over and over again! Naivety aside, I understand a few issues may arise, such as 'Bad Ape', the Music being a little obvious, the Little girls reactions to a couple of dramatic scenes, however none are big enough to spoil in any way a quite remarkable end to a series that has become a huge hit. Ignore those reviews that typically focus on such minor detail.So, go back and watch the Rise and Dawn of the Apes if you haven't already done so; Grab snacks and drinks, Book the film in 3D, "Shut off from the outside world" as 'VUE' states and witness a Masterpiece.

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