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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pallavi 9 / 10

Watch it for the concept, the music, the artists worldwide and of course starry nights.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by mah11 9 / 10


Last week, at the beautiful Getty Center, we had the chance to view a pre-screening of the movie, 'Loving Vincent,' world's first full-feature film made entirely with oil paintings. Loving Vincent revolves around the mysterious death of the artist Vincent Van Gogh who had created around 800 paintings in his lifetime. What could have been much easily created as an animated or live action feature, ended up being a compilation of over 66000 frames of oil paintings, brought to life with camera movements on still life, CG animation, daunting music and of course skills of over 100 artists. The concept of the movie is a good enough reason to watch this movie but as for the movie itself: read the review ahead!The movie follows the journey of Armand Roulin as he investigates the mysterious death of the artist Van Gogh. The movie retains an air of suspicion and depression throughout. The pace of the storyline is slow as it attempts to combine several theories regarding Van Gogh's death. Yet the village panoramas and aerial shots of Paris add life to the story. As the camera sweeps across the field or up a river as a steam engine pass through the bridge above, one cannot help but notice how beautifully the steam is blending in with the sky. The dialogues have been largely inspired by the letters that Van Gogh wrote to his brothers but lack speech authenticity from the period. However, the dialogues do exhibit the positions of all the characters thoroughly, especially those of Armand Roulin and if not an instant connection with the character, one does eventually the pain and sorrows of Van Gogh towards his end days.The death of Van Gogh was a loss to the world of art but the movie 'Loving Vincent' is a big leap in the world of art and fulfilling the void of the amazing artist, and others like him who suffered because they weren't mentally healthy.

Reviewed by Harvey Penson 9 / 10

Real Cinematic Art

Cinema has always been a gloried artwork and we have much more authentic proof in astounding Loving Vincent.An animated construction entirely brought to life by oil paintings, is  quintessential proof that cinema has still barely scratched the surface of its reaches. Loving Vincent is landmark event for animation and even biographical storytelling through its majestic vision at the last days of Vincent Van Gogh.Set a after the death of fabled painter, Armand Roulin (Douglas Booth) is possessed with a letter from Van Gogh to his brother Theo before his death, and begins the journey to deliver it. While on call, Roulin encounters all the people close to Vincent before is death gradually trying to put the pieces of what cause his sudden suicide. From this we are taken back to key moments of Van Gogh's life mesmerizingly displayed through the living oil paintings.Generated by 65,000 paintings by over a 100 artist, Loving Vincent is living work of art. First shot as a live action depiction then adapted into paintings, the immersive gallery of scenes is a first in new format of animation. Directors: Dorota Kobiela, and Hugh Welchman take Van Gogh's own artistry into his own biography (almost), from Citizen Kane style narrative, assessing and celebrating the life of one of the worlds if not the most famous painter. From this production becomes transporting cinema experience into the world of Van Gogh and an enchanting watch of magnificent painting and animation.Of course what is the fundamental strength of Loving Vincent is its captivating artwork which for every moment is spectacular, and then you have the real narrative of Van Gogh's last days which on its own is an affectionate journey. Even if you don't not much about the life of Van Gogh this is an enthralling experience.The monumental presence of the paintings is consistently exceptional with wonderful detail and creation put into it. One of the sensational efforts for the film is its sketch of the real actors, making them instantly recognisable on screen, bringing their performance into the art. Although our eyes are set on visual presence, Clint Mansell's score is also a tear-jerking atmosphere throughout the film, capturing the melancholy as well as joy of Van Gogh.Loving Vincent is a visual sensation, proving the amazing talent that animation brings to the screen. This is by far one of the most significant films of the year and is must see experience, especially for art students.

Reviewed by clarkj-565-161336 9 / 10

Two Hearts One Mind

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

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