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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rgkarim 9 / 10

Revving Up to A better Story

"I am Speed!" A quote that will live on forever in the minds of the 2000 generation, movie quote boards, and the status of Disney fans. For those not remembering the quote, or not realizing what this review is about, it is Lightning McQueen's catchphrase in the famous Cars series. Pixar's work about living Cars took the world by storm long ago, but a flat tire left it stranded behind its cousins. After a detour with the second installment, Cars 3 attempts to change tires and redeem itself on the winner circle. And it's my job to commentate and analyze the movie. Let's rev up and take off with another Robbie movie review. LIKES:Animation: Let's get the obvious out of the way, Pixar continues to prove they rock at making things move. Cars 3 is beautifully detailed, stylish, slick, and fluid on all levels from the skidding tires to simply drinking oil at a local garage bar. Unlike its sequels, the movie really focuses on the fast-paced world of racing, and brings the full effects of Disney animation to life. All the excitement is captivating and exciting, perfect for many audience members of all ages. And with all the new characters plenty of room for merchandising. Soundtrack: Most Disney fans often won't pay attention unless it is a flashy, over the top musical number famous from the renaissance of the 90s (and Frozen). Well although not the famous show stopping sequences, Cars 3 has a nice collaboration of song covers to classic songs that is sure to bring up some nostalgia. While not as good as the originals for me, I enjoyed most of the twists in this movie and felt they were appropriately placed in the film. Certainly, not the most unique soundtrack, but strong nonetheless. Comedy: Good news, Cars 3 is still funny, but even more importantly it doesn't rely on comedy as the only gimmick. Rather than relying on Mater's childlike innocence and stupidity, Cars 3 was able to bring some wit to the table and with it some dynamic comedy. Mater still has some quips to throw into the film, but the rest of the gang has some well-timed jabs that touch on a variety of topics and styles, which again, will hit most members of the audience. Story: The team must have taken a step back and analyzed the blue prints of their tale. Cars 3 story is miles above Car2, dropping into the character development and life lessons made famous in the first film. It is jam packed full of emotion, with gripping tales all coming together into a very compact package. With exciting races built into the story, the movie keeps a nice pace and remains fun to watch while also being educational. No convoluted tales of quirky action or stretches here folks, it's just classic country lifestyle. DISLIKES:Depressing: This really doesn't reveal anything, but much of this movie is quite depressing. While there is certainly a broad range of emotions "racing" through this film, I can say a good chunk is spent in the downer zone. While the kids will have a few moments that might upset them, adults are going to really take the blunt of the depression in this movie. The trailers have already hinted at the message, but they didn't prepare me for the intensity this movie has at times. Fortunately, they relieve that melancholy with fun moments, but somehow Pixar keeps that sullen moment in your mind. Old jokes: I told you they did a nice job balancing jokes, but I didn't say perfect, did I? Cars 3 gets a little obsessive with one joke category and starts to rely on it a little too much. These jokes at times is the perfect icing on the cake, but often it goes with that depressing component I told you about. I found the fun starting to leave and the sadness starting to set on? way to go Pixar, depressing comedy. Still, your kids will laugh and might pick up a few annoying phrases to throw at you in the process. Characters dropped: Like many Disney films, the studios find a way to dump on the old to bring in the new. While certainly not the worst example of dropping characters, Cars 3 reduced many of your favorite character to background characters delivering somewhere between 1-5 lines. So those heavy on Mater, Sally, and the rest of the gang need to lower your expectations, and prepare to fall in love with the new guys on hand. This disproportion of characters is certainly sad to see, and while I do enjoy many of the new characters, you can't help but long to have the old and new world blend a little more together. The VERDICT:Cars 3 was certainly rebuilt from the wreckage of the last movie. The animation remains stunning, brought to full throttle with the exciting races thrown into the mix. Pixar makes the tale funny and with a much deeper, enriching story than number 2. Unfortunately for the audience above the age of 15, a somber mood hangs over much of this movie and it lacks a good balance of integrating old with the new. There are some other components I could comment on, but I'm out of room so you'll have to see for yourself. Nevertheless, Cars 3 is definitely worth a trip to the theater folks, and probably the leading blockbuster of this weekend's new releases. My scores:Animation/Adventure/Comedy: 8.0 Movie Overall: 7.0

Reviewed by SmashandNasty 9 / 10

Everything you hoped for and didn't get in Cars 2

They realized that when they make a movie just so they can continue to merchandise the brand, people will probably be angry. Well, it took them a few movies to realize it (Cars 2, Planes, Planes 2), but that's right, folks, Cars 3 wasn't a horrible, plot-less, mess of an excuse for a toy commercial. Instead it was heartfelt, eclectic, smart, and finally delivered the sequel that Cars deserved, just a few years and a total flop later.What made the original Cars great was the fact that it managed to easily weave interesting and likable characters within a plot that was equal parts "hot-shot popular athlete learns a lesson" and "remembering Main Street U.S.A in its glory days." Cars 3 triumphed in similar regard. Lightning McQueen is back and knocked down again, there's same eclectic look back at the past (with great shots of US highways scenes that make you want to take a road trip), and all the old characters you love being utilized properly (yes, we are still salty that Mater got his own sequel because he cannot carry a movie on his own). Add that to the subtly feminist plot-line (be prepared for boycotts), intriguing and well- written new characters, a whole lot of heart-string tugging and you've got the movie we all wished we could've seen when Cars 2 came out.It's far from perfect. There are some issues with the story line and at sometimes it was so slow we were bored (and obviously so were some of the children in the audience based on the noise and commotion). The narrative starts at a very high point and then takes a few dips and dives as it rolls along, but thankfully makes it's way out of those potholes quickly and grabs your attention back just as quickly as it lost it.The soundtrack leaves a lot to be desired with no more road-tripping, car driving, top down tunes left after the first (though the score of this film is far superior and samples from not only the original, but also other Pixar outings, which is fabulous). It's predictable, but it's also a Disney movie so that's not completely off-the-wall. It was good for a sequel, especially knowing that it could've been another disaster, they've learned their lessons well.

Reviewed by 9 / 10

Speed with heart

#Cars3 is speed with heart. It's fun, exciting and emotionally endearing. The first film was about a lost small town USA and the humbling of a cocky racer. The second movie didn't quite know what it wanted to be, part espionage, part mistaken identity, part global tournament, all wrapped up in a poor attempt to address friendship. But this third installment is about the racer becoming the mentor while at the same time honoring the legacy of a very important person in McQueen's life, Hudson Hornet, who's voiced by the the late great actor whom we cinema deeply miss seeing on screen, Paul Newman.In "Cars 3," Lightning McQueen suddenly finds himself blindsided by a new generation of blazing fast racers. He's seeing himself and his fellow race mates forced to retirement. Refusing to be told when he should call it quit, McQueen is determined to get back in the game, acquiring the help of a new sponsor and a young trainer who's secretly wanting to be a racer. But all that only brings McQueen to the doorstep of his own inspiration, the late fabulous Hudson Hornet. This enlightenment will prove once again whether or not Lightning McQueen still has what it takes to be a champion.It's obvious from "Cars 3" that Pixar had learned the lessons of their mistake or blunder that was "Cars 2." The story in "Cars 3" is more coherent, clear and straightforward and it goes back to Pixar's strongest strategy which is to appeal to our deepest emotions. It doesn't necessarily rehash the first film, but more of presenting our hero deciding for himself to take on the next chapter of life that is just as fully rewarding as beating his opponents on the race track, which I think is a well put progression in McQueen's evolution as a character.I think you'll be wowed at the film's excellent effort in pulling parallels between Hudson Hornet's experience and what McQueen is going through. It's like every piece fits into its place naturally, like it's meant to be. The new rival, Jackson Storm makes the cocky McQueen in the first film look tame. You don't see much of Mater this time around, but that's actually not a bad thing. You'll love some of the new racing tricks that "Cars 3" has up its sleeves, I'm entertained by them and I'm not even a Nascar fan. And the rookie/trainer who secretly wants to race, Cruz Ramirez will surprise you at every corner, that one is like a an eager young prodigy whose skills are just waiting to be discovered given the right opportunity. The themes basically ask the inevitable questions of what we all should do when we get older and are no longer able to do some of the things we love, what would be the the options then. And so I think "Cars 3" does an excellent job of letting you know that if you've reached the point of success, we should then do our part to now guide, train, teach others to reach their point of success too. Don't burn the bridge behind you.-- Rama's Screen --

Reviewed by andy_krysiak 9 / 10

A sequel that people were totally asking for

It all started with the legendary movie called Cars. Cars was one of the best movies I had ever seen with a great plot about a successful racer trying to win the piston cup. Even though I was a grown man sitting with a group of children between the ages of 5-7, I laughed the most, falling out of my seat multiple times. I read the reviews, learning that Cars did not live up to the Pixar standards, but I believed it past it setting a new record for all other Pixar movies to compete for.The next movie up was Cars 2. I always wanted a movie about a competing race car to switch to an action packed adventure involving saving lives and trying to win the race. It was like they got the 427 e-mails I sent them. Sadly after this movie, the standard for Cars decreased even more, but for me, my standards increased even more than my blood sugar levels.Finally we arrive at one of the greatest of Pixars movies, Cars 3. Cars 3 was about Lightning McQueen realizing his generation is now old. I could really connect to Lightning McQueen and how he doesn't understand the new generations. Through the movie, there were multiple jokes and I was entertained for the entire movie.Cars will always be one of my favorite movies. I have collected many action figure cars (not toys) and have observed the detail of the cars while moving them in a back in fourth motion (I played with them). The brand this movie towards young children but I don't think they realize that their average audience is a 42 year old man. No matter what age you are, you should be able to enjoy Cars and if those mean 5 year old's tell you to get out of the movie theater, you say no. Now you may get a few hundred pacifiers thrown at you but it will be worth it for standing up for yourself. They say I'm to old to watch Cars movies but I decide when I'm done.

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