Brawl in Cell Block 99


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bawoof 9 / 10

Let's see here...

I am a fan of Vince Vaughn, and seeing this guy who was known for comedic roles branch out in roles such as that of the tough D.I. in "Hacksaw Ridge" and now this film, I can honestly say that Mr. Vaughn has a lot more range than I would have given him credit for based on his earlier roles. That said, Vaughn is a very talented and likable performer, and he does bring soul to a thuggish character who is not an evil S.O.B. but someone who apparently had a very rough background.The supporting characters and villains are sufficiently hissable and convincing, but there is one issue I have with this film, and it's this: With the exception of the ending, I don't see much about this movie that makes it stand out that much more from other prison films such as "Bad Boys" "The Shawshank Redemption" and of course, "Cool Hand Luke" (although Don Johnson gives an interesting modern version of Strother Martin's performance).Go see this because of Vince Vaughn's performance, but as the title suggests, there is a good bit of violence to be seen here.

Reviewed by cdcrb 9 / 10

vince is one tough guy

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by bariswheel 9 / 10

high quality writing, acting, lots of fun

Similar to the top notch writing in Bone Tomahawk, this movie delivered on all fronts. The fight scenes were very well choreographed, nothing was overdone. Audience was more than engaged and drawn in to the movie right from the beginning. The intensity of Vince's character as he works through one thing after another is well thought out and a delight to watch. If you liked Bone tomahawk, Shawshank Redemption, Steve Mcqueen's Papillon, don't miss this one.

Reviewed by trublu215 9 / 10

Among One of the Best Films of The Year

Brawl in Cell Block 99 is the long awaited sophomoric effort from the brilliant S. Craig Zahler, the director of the 2015 surprise hit Bone Tomahawk. Brawl in Cell Block 99 tells the story of Bradley Thomas (played by an unrecognizable and equally amazing Vince Vaughn), a former boxer whose life is in a bit of a downward spiral. After he is let go from his mechanic job, he comes home to find his wife carrying on an extramarital affair. After dismantling her car with impressive accuracy, Bradley makes up with his wife Laura (Jennifer Carpenter) and the two decide to continue their marriage but Bradley wants to dabble into the criminal underworld in order to provide his future family the life they deserve. Fast forward a couple months, Laura is pregnant and Bradley is a drug runner. When a deal goes south and forces Bradley to get arrested and lose the shipment which results with him getting a light prison sentence at a cushy prison. After being visited by a drug czar's henchmen, Bradley is told that Laura and his unborn child will die if Bradley does not kill an inmate in Cell Block 99. Without giving too much more away, Bradley then becomes a one-man wrecking crew that is willing to do vile and brutal things to ensure the lives of his family are safe.First off, this film is violent...and I mean, REALLY violent. Bone Tomahawk is a great companion piece to this film. It is very similar in the set up and the pay off is much the same but prolonged for this film. The film takes a good long while to kick off but when it does, it turns into one of the fastest paced action thrillers I've seen in a long time. It is almost as if it is two different films. The first part of the film is very grounded drama with crime elements within it. Then after Udo Kier's character leaves, it is like a storm erupts. This storm brings brutal violence, extreme gore and Vince Vaughn's impressive fighting skills and puts them on display for everyone to see in its uncensored glory. This film is amazing by every stretch of the imagination. It takes it's time with the story and immerses us within this world that Zahler carefully crafts with his script, production design and actors. We slowly become a part of this world which bodes well because I can't imagine this world going over well with someone just dropped into it. To quicken the pace would be to cheapen the work here. I'm a huge proponent of a lean running time but I was able to overlook the seemingly bloated 132 minute run time because everything was so damn well done, it didn't feel long at all. Furthermore, Zahler's love of one take fight scenes really shines here and it really gets the blood pumping. Seeing a quick edited action sequence up against something like this? There is no comparison and I wouldn't be surprised if more action directors take a page out of Zahler's vision. Overall, Brawl in Cell Block 99 could have me going on for days upon days on how much I enjoyed it. It is a perfect balance between realism and pulp fiction, drama and brutality, production design and overall direction. It feels like a better movie than it will probably get credit for and showcases Vince Vaughn in a career changing performance that is bound to leave your jaw on the floor with how amazing he is in both a dramatic and physical sense. I can't recommend this movie enough especially if you're a fan of action films. It is far and away one of the best films I've seen this year.

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