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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DJKwa 9 / 10

An entertaining take on an unbelievable true story

I'll always part with my hard earned $$$ to see a Tom Cruise movie whether it's good or bloody awful (e.g."The Mummy") such is the power of his Star????. But this one was on the money. Thank god! Very clever writing, great casting & editing plus authentic 80s set designs went into this movie gem. A bonus is that you even get to hear a genuine Lestat De Lionheart laugh in there too. That's movie magic for a die-hard fan.

Reviewed by mikenontonmulu 9 / 10

The Fun Way of Showing Biography of Barry Seal's Unique Life

If American Made proves one thing it's that truth is stranger than fiction. The story of American aircraft pilot Barry Seal who became a drug smuggler working for the Medellin cartel, casually rubbed shoulders with Pablo Escobar and ran a massive money laundering operation all while being employed by the CIA, would seem a stretch even by Hollywood's standards. Yet it's precisely the "based on true events" part of Seal's story that makes American Made such a fascinating film to watch.We are first introduced to Seal as a disillusioned TWA pilot looking for something to put the thrill back in his life. When approached by the CIA to fly reconnaissance of communist factions in South America, he immediately jumps at the opportunity. Flying solo from the US on his own private two- engine plane, it's not long before Seal is intercepted by the Medellin cartel and offered large amounts of cash to smuggle drugs into the US. Ever the opportunist, Seal agrees and soon finds himself playing on both sides of the law and making more money than he knows what to do with. But as the demands from both sides grow increasingly untenable, Seal finds himself stuck between a rock and a hard place, with his luck quickly drying up.Tom Cruise brings his manic charisma to the role of Seal, and he's a good fit for the highflying, larger than life character. It's hard not to look with contempt at a man who transported illegal narcotics into the US en masse, but Cruise does a good job in humanising Seal and portraying him as more than just a criminal. At heart, Seal is a family man looking to provide for his wife and daughter but whose unrelenting pursuit of the American dream finds him working on both sides of the law. The charisma Cruise brings to the role goes a long way in making Seal an endearing protagonist, and he seems to have fun in the role. Following the underwhelming performance of The Mummy earlier this year, American Made represents a return to form for him and a welcome return to the more grounded narratives in which he fares far better with. Director Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow, Fair Game) complements Cruise's commanding performance with his highly energised filming style. The camera is rarely steady for more than a beat and its constant zooming, shaking and moving around lends the film an effective faux doco feel. On the flipside, however, the incessant camera movements are distracting during some of the quieter moments in the film. In one simple conversation scene in a diner, near the beginning of the film, the camera haphazardly changes angles and abruptly zooms in towards the characters as they speak. It's awkwardly staged and distracts from the dialogue. Luckily the film moves at such a fast clip that Liman's hyperactive filming works mostly well but some restraint would have gone a long way during the smaller scenes.Overall American Made is a fascinating biopic about a larger than life character. The film benefits greatly from Cruise's committed performance and Liman's lively direction to provide an entertaining take on an unbelievable true story.

Reviewed by Kalevi Ko 9 / 10

Cruise and Liman make a great pair again

A great story perfectly representing those years and with a stunning performance by Tom Cruise. I would say one of the best movie ever, in this genre, which is midway between a CIA based film and a biopic one. Barry's narration, delivered direct to camera, takes the form of a series of clips from a fuzzy home video supposedly shot in the mid-1980s, laying out the historical background in a dense fashion (he pretends at one point to confuse two countries) which seems most directly indebted to Adam McKay's The Big Short. The biggest coup is the casting of Cruise, who functions as a pure icon, recycling all his usual mannerisms ? the grin, the hand gestures ? and even revisiting his past as a pilot in Top Gun. The catch is that his depthless showboating for once seems intended as anything but likable.

Reviewed by styleplushq 9 / 10

Making America Great Again! ?????

Always reliable if not exactly visionary, director Doug Liman has another entertaining outing with Tom Cruise, reinventing his charm, swagger and grin as tools for finding easy cash and marital respect when honest work doesn't exactly get one far enough.Cruise plays a totally reprehensible and despicable character and yet manages to keep everyone invested in the ride that accelerates with every misstep on the way, fully captivating the audience to wait for the extent of the looming train wreck. Cruise is entirely game here, not once trying to make audience feel sorry for his character or thinking that maybe he had a heart of gold, after all. Worth pointing out is also a stellar turn from a less prolific Domhnall Gleeson whose ambitious CIA operator is equally blind, naive and brilliant, and Gleeson makes his oily presence wonderfully effective.

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